Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Trophy Exchange!

For the record, Donny has officially passed the coveted McIllece Family Bracketology Trophy back to Anna.

It was a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony complete with weeping and twinkle light crown. Anna carried it in her pink roller suitcase all the way home wrapped in her special blanket...we didn't get searched but did garner a second glance from the security guy who x-rayed her bag...

Until next year!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here She Comes! Miss Bracketology...

Congratulations (click here) ANNA! She did it again! I knew when both UCLA and UNC lost in the semis that my run this year was over. Once again Tony inspired his little ones. Anna lead early and kept a commanding lead throughout the tourney finishing with 98 points setting a new family point record!
It was tough for me to take it on the chin again but I always have next year.
I could use some input about the formats used this year. Did you like using the yahoo brackets and/or the family blog? Would you like to use them again? I personally miss all of the paper brackets hanging on the wall and marking them off but I don't miss the time spent in relaying totals.
Thank you for playing. It was great fun!
Love, Wendy