Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thank Goodness...

...that the McIllece Family Bracketology trophy will be staying at our house. Otherwise, where would Anna put her CTR ring when she wasn't wearing it? Hmm?

Congratulations, Tony!


Ange said...

Sigh... Congratulations again... (double sigh)

condiefamily said...

You are not getting the adulation that you rightly deserve Tony! I am happy for you and amazed once again. You and yours have taken good care of the hardware for so long now that I obviously don't know what I am missing. I know it is in good hands and you will be a good steward as you care for it while in wait to pass it on next year. Because I'LL BE DANGED if you win again!!! Cotton pickin' little brother! How in the WORLD do you manage to win 4 of 7 times? Crap! I started this whole thing and do you think that I can catch a break?!?! NOOOOO! So once again I am headed to the trophy shop to have the plaque engraved with the name of SOMEONE OTHER THAN MYSELF!
Wow. I feel much better now. Thanks Tony. You Rock.