Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inaguration Day!


It's time to sharpen you pencils and fill in your 'Sheet of Integrity'. It's Selection Sunday but it feels more like Christmas for the sports fanatic!

Please utilize this forum to share thoughts, feelings, frustrations and victories. I expect that you will all have fun, keeping it creative, competitive and clean. We all have access to post blogs and I look forward to each and every entry.

Remember that everyone's brackets are posted online at . You can check and recheck your score and everyone else's as well.

I will be doing some point totaling and round recapping this year but not like in years past. I want to include y'all in the process-thus the blog was created for you and all of your brilliant insights and trash talking. Have fun and remember to get your bracket submitted by Wednesday night just to be safe.

Donny just a may want to pack the trophy to India just in case. It may save you on postage.

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Angela said...

Oh MY GOSH!!!! I am so excited! I don't even care about basketball! I just love bracket-busting bonding. WAHOO!